Different coloured ID tags required for use of area transfer station

GORE BAY—Yes, there are going to be two different colours for identification tags in place for Gore Bay and Gordon/Barrie Island residents who use the local transfer station come this September. The tags are being used to provide statistics on where the waste materials being brought to the transfer station are coming from in order to keep track of these statistics, as well as to make sure only residents in the two municipalities are using the transfer station.

“We’re going to have two different colours for the identification tags,” Aaron Wright, chair of the transfer station operating committee, told the Recorder late last week. “In September we are planning to have the ID tag system in full force.” He pointed out there will be a quarterly report completed to indicate usage of the transfer station and from which municipality. He also noted, “we have found that people from all over the place (not one of the two local municipalities) are dropping off their garbage at the transfer station.”

As was reported in last week’s Recorder, members of Gordon/Barrie Island council had been concerned that the ID tags would be all the same colour, regardless of whether a resident is from Gore Bay or Gordon/Barrie Island.

“There is also going to be increased signage posted at the transfer station indicating the transfer station is only open to local ratepayers,” said Mr. Wright, including what  goes in the comingle bins. Green Life Forever will also be putting out pamphlets educating residents on how they need to sort their garbage.

“We will be having two different colours for the ID tags, and we could end up with four as we are looking at implementing them for not only residents but businesses as well,” continued Mr. Wright. The tags will be available at the two municipal offices, and landlords will be responsible for their tenants getting the tags. There will be a minimal cost for the tags of about $3 to $5 each.

At a Gore Bay council meeting last week, council discussed the entire issue further.

Councillor Ken Blodgett inquired who would be monitoring the ID tags and those using the transfer station and Mr. Wright indicated it would be up to the transfer station attendants. 

“Good luck,” stated Councillor Blodgett.

Councillor Kevin Woestenenk said, “they’re doing a really good job at the transfer station,” and Councillor Wright agreed saying that the site is clean and the garbage and access is flowing well.

It was pointed out by councillors that some residents of Central Manitoulin and Billings have been illegally using the transfer station. 

“There will be flack from some people (with the ID tags),” said Councillor Paulie Nodecker.

“The only ones who will be giving the attendants flack are the ones that are not supposed to using the transfer station,” countered Councillor Wright.