Editorial: Manitoulin Island’s cleanup crew deserves recognition

Manitoulin Island’s roadways have been swept clear of a massive amount of garbage thanks to the efforts of an amazing group of community-minded people—not all of them residents. Both year-round Islanders and a good portion of summer residents banded together (well, in socially distanced and bubbled households) to gather up an incredible pile of junk.

We may all hold Manitoulin dear in our hearts, but the folks who participated in the Island-wide Garbage Cleanup, both young and old, truly placed their hearts on their rolled up sleeves and put their backs into it. We all owe them a huge debt of gratitude.

It is not unusual at any time of the year to see individuals taking the time and making the effort to clean up garbage on the side of the road, and those individuals are also heroes that should be recognized and definitely appreciated for their work.

Kudos to Manitoulin Streams for helping to organize this effort and to the organizations such as Kairos who stepped up to help make a difference and to keep our Island clean.

It has been said before, but we shall say it again, and again, to those who walk that extra mile—thank you.