Editorial: National Newspaper Week celebrates news you can trust


As fall colours blossom across the land, the start of October each year is celebrated as National Newspaper Week. It is a moment to reflect on how, during this era of turbulent social upheaval and, facing a global crisis where the truth is buried beneath a social media tsunami of fake news and misinformation, newspapers remain a lifeline to those who seek truth and clarity.

The theme of this year’s National Newspaper Week is ‘Champion the Truth: Spark Conversation.’ 

Much has been made of the decline of newspapers, but in truth newspapers remain a pillar of democracy. A News Media Canada study concluded that nearly nine out of every 10 Canadians (87 percent) turn the pages of a newspaper every week. True, many of those pages are now digital, as the internet disrupts the news media much as it has other industries across the globe, but it is to newspaper sources that Canadians turn to deliver credible information on what is most important to them.

During times of conflict overseas, The Expositor has provided a lifeline between the folks back home and our brave men and women serving the nation far from the comforts of home and hearth through every major conflict in which our nation has participated. Every year, several times a year, we remember them, the veterans who served and those who paid the ultimate price in the service of our nation.

Locally, The Expositor shines a light into the dim recesses of local government, bringing to our readers what is taking place at town hall that could impact on their lives. Together, we celebrate the remarkable people in every community on this our most blessed of Isles.

People like Mary Buie, who has chronicled her battle with an aggressive cancer through the series ‘Hope’s Path,’ not once, but twice. This week, Ms. Buie walked five kilometres in the annual Run for a Cure, embraced within the bosom of a group of family and friends and undaunted.

In the past The Expositor has followed the remarkable achievements of Josephine Mandamin baa, the Anishinaabe elder who circumnavigated the Great Lakes bearing a sacred copper kettle full of water in a traditional ceremony, and the ongoing efforts of her niece, Autumn Peltier, who has taken up the mantle as Anishinabek Nation water commissioner.

Our community newspaper makes concerted efforts to provide a direct line of communication between political leaders at all levels and the electorate, through our news coverage, through our editorial pages and letters to the editor and, just recently, by hosting (online this year) an all-candidate’s meeting where the community could pose their questions to the candidates seeking their vote. Once elected, those very same leaders readily admit to turning the pages of The Expositor in order to keep abreast of what is taking place here on the Island and regularly announce when and where their constituents can attend their clinics.

Sports glory of both the young and the old, the scholastic achievements of students of every age, the births and passages of Islanders and friends, and their memorials, all are chronicled within our pages.

The Expositor’s pages offer up the most wide-ranging of property opportunities through our partnerships with local realtors, provide one of the best showcases for employment opportunities and retail ads both through our help wanted pages and our best-in-class online job market website.

Each week, our journalistic staff attend key local meetings and events across the length and breadth of Manitoulin to glean the information most important to you, our devoted readers without whose loyal patronage we would not be able to fulfill our role as a community newspaper.

The Expositor takes pride in getting things right, but even with our best efforts, we are not above making the occasional error. None of us enjoy making mistakes, but at The Expositor we honour the truth. That is why Expositor corrections and clarifications occasionally appear within our pages, it is a duty we take very seriously.

Thank you, dear reader, for continuing to support local community news. Thanks to your ongoing support The Expositor has brought the real news to Islanders home and abroad for nearly a century and a half. We could not do this without you, so National Newspaper Week is, in truth, a celebration of you, the reader, who makes all this possible.

Thank you very much, chi-miigwetch et merci beacoup.