Fish and lizards are born free, humans are not

To the Expositor:

Sorry to break the news. We are literally tied to another being at the beginning of our life on Earth.

From birth to death we need the labour, care, and supervision of others in order to thrive on a beautiful but harsh planet. For that to happen we require a system of rules ensuring the well being of our self, family, and society.

Doesn’t matter what you believe in, this is a truth.

Freedom doesn’t fully exist for humankind. Never has. There have always been responsibilities as well as consequences to one’s actions, good or bad. Sometimes these outcomes become a living nightmare as if it were all part of some devious plan.

This most recent pandemic and the mandates that followed shall eventually come to an end. What will we shout and fight about then?

Besides, if you were truly free and independent you wouldn’t be reading these words in a paper or on a computer.

Mark Callingham