Letter: Get out and enjoy nature’s bounty of free vitamin D

Thanking Central Manitoulin council for their decision to make and maintain an open air skating opportunity

To the Expositor:

Lifting our spirits.

Moving with joy of life while storing sunshine’s free vitamin D 

I would like to commend those Island communities who have provided and maintained open air skating for the health and wellbeing of their residents. I am pleased that my presentation to the property committee of Central Manitoulin for an outdoor public skating opportunity was able to inspire our council to seek a solution at a location that they would currently feel safe to do so. The minutes of January 14, 2021 state: “The proposal made by Maja Mielonen for an ice rink for skating/hockey and a linear skating track and a groomed cross-country trail and a skate ski strip all on Lake Mindemoya was next discussed by council. The consensus of council was that this was not the year to do this, as the ice has been very thin so far this season, and council had concerns about putting staff and equipment on lake ice. These issues will be returned to the Central Manitoulin Trail Committee for further considerations.” 

After much discussion at the council meeting of January 28, a motion was passed to build and maintain an outdoor oval skating opportunity in Mindemoya. Financially this project will be more than offset by council’s earlier COVID-driven decision to cease making ice the Providence Bay arena for this winter season and the closed arena in Mindemoya for the same reason. I wish to thank council for their decision to make and maintain this outdoor skating opportunity and hope you will all make good use of it. Enjoy the fresh air, the free skating experience and the joy of outdoor skating at the ball field behind the Community centre. 

Maja Mielonen 

Supporter of active healthy communities