Gore Bay summer theatre season productions feature romantic comedy, love and intrigue

The Community Hall in Gore Bay is the scene of many events throughout the year and is the summer home of the award-winning Gore Bay Theatre.

GORE BAY—Gore Bay Theatre’s summer season is all about entertainment this year, characterized by romantic comedy, love and intrigue. Two plays are again being presented, ‘Love and Larceny,’ an evening of one-act plays specifically chosen for their humorous stories or love or murder mysteries, and the classic ‘Love Letters’ by A.R. Guerney.

‘Love Letters’ traces the lifelong correspondence of Andrew Ladd the third and Melissa Gardner. The story of their bittersweet relationship gradually unfolds from what is written and what is left unsaid in their letters. It is one of the most popular love stories written for the theatre. It was a smash hit on and off Broadway and the recent revival and national tour starring Ryan O’Neal and Ali McGraw is setting box office records and accolades.

Time Magazine said, “it was one of the four or five best American plays of the 80s.” The Wall Street Journal called it “exhilarating, funny and moving” and Theatre Bloom said, “heartwarming, witty and poignant which captures the essence of two hearts that beat for one another through a world of feelings over 50 years. A remarkably charming evening that will warm the heart and inspire the mind; the show speaks directly to the heart and soul of the audience and a time when letter writing was the natural way of things.”

The play will feature two well-known and respected Gore Bay citizens, Jack and Betsy Clark, who like Andrew and Melissa have a keen awareness and lifelong experience of communicating with one another. I am really looking forward to seeing them perform on stage together.

‘Love and Larceny’ is an evening of six one-act plays featuring Gore Bay Theatre’s largest summer season cast ever, including nine actors, Lori Evans, Taylor Geertsema, Debra Graham, Shannon McMullan, Carol Robertson, John Robertson, Kyleen Robertson, Tammy Robinson and Will Smith.

It was chosen by co-directors Andrea Emmerton and Walter Maskel for their humour, mystery and romance, a light and entertaining evening which has been described as “utterly charming and delightful, a real crowd pleaser which will appeal to all tastes, something for everyone in these six tales about the joys and perils of love, intrigue and mystery, the perfect summers evening entertainment.”

Co-director Andrea Emmerton is thrilled about this year’s line-up of plays. “Those are plays which have track records of being very popular with audiences and we think will provide entertaining evenings of live theatre. Both plays are witty, intriguing and most importantly, extremely humorous.”

Co-director Walter Maskel agreed, “these are plays which will definitely put a smile on your face or make you laugh out loud and we are so excited to be featuring our largest summer season cast as well as Gore Bay’s well known couples.”

Again this year, Gore Bay Theatre will be presenting the plays in repertory, providing audiences the unique opportunity of seeing both plays over consecutive nights.

Don’t miss this opportunity to see this award winning group present the magic of live theatre. Ticket information is provided in the advertisement in this issue.