Rotary continues to raise funds for telehealth system

Rotary continues to raise funds for medical centre telehealth system

GORE BAY—Along with the many other initiatives that they support during the year the Rotary Club of Gore Bay is getting close to their goal of raising $20,000 for the Telehealth system at the Gore Bay Medical Centre.

“We are continuing our drive to raise $20,000 for the Telehealth System at the Medical Centre in Gore Bay,” said Al Morka, who was officially installed as the new president of the Gore Bay Rotary Club at the group’s annual dinner held at the new Live Edge restaurant in Gore Bay last week. “This fundraising campaign will continue.”
Mr. Morka said that thus far the Rotary club has raised a little over $16,000,  and the club needs to raise another $4,000.

“I would like to welcome everyone to our annual dinner,” said Keith McKeen, outgoing president of the Rotary Club.

In providing an overview of the past year for the club Mr. McKeen said, “I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our club members who helped us out so much this year. I don’t think anyone realizes the full magnitude of what we do, until you sit down and list everything that has been done in the year.”

“From the point of view of the money that we donate in the past year, thanks to our special fundraising events held through the year we were able to help out in many ways,” said Mr. McKeen. He pointed out the club donated a total of $17,673.25 in total this year to many deserving and needy people and organizations during the year. For instance, those who were assisted this year included Manitoulin Special Olympics, Manitoulin Secondary School (renovations of their tennis courts), MSS Share committee, District 7010 Poncho Polio Walk, Manitoulin Family Resources Christmas campaign basket, the Guatemala Project, Rotary Foundation, Rotary Polio campaign, Carry On Hope Group, Angel Bus, Navy League of Manitoulin, Manitoulin Secondary School Student Aid bursary and several donations made to those in need in the community, such as those who were burned out of their homes, or with medical issues that they needed travel support for.

“As you can see we support lots of good causes,” said Mr. McKeen. “When you think of all those we support it makes all the hard work we have done to raise these funds worthwhile.”   

Mr. McKeen made a presentation of the presidents pin to Al Morka as new president, followed by a past president’s pin being presented to Mr. McKeen. “I am honoured to take on the role of president,” said Mr. Morka. “And I would like to thank Keith for doing an exceptional job in the past year. I have big shoes to fill. And we will continue to try to raise the funds for the Telehealth system that you started.”

Guest speaker for the evening was John Diebolt, assisted by Dave Clark, members of the Friends of Misery Bay.  They presented a video, with footage shot from a drone of the Misery Bay Provincial Park.

The spectacular video, about 15 minutes in length, takes the viewer on a virtual tour of the park, from different angles-overview of Misery Bay looking north, close up features of the wetlands looking north, the west side of the wetland going north, alvars, scenes of FOMB carrying out work on trails and shelter-buildings in the part,  maps, wildlife, animals and insects found in the park and much more.