Icebreaking near Whitefish River on Thursday, March 24

CCGS Griffon will carry out icebreaking operations. Photo Supplied Canadian Coast Guard.

Sarnia, Ontario – The Canadian Coast Guard advises residents near Whitefish River, Ontario that the CCGS Griffon is conducting icebreaking operations in the area on or around March 24, 2022. The purpose of this annual operation is to break up the ice in order to allow the safe and efficient movement of commercial vessels.

It is recommended that all traffic on the ice, including pedestrians, fishers, snowmobilers, and all-terrain vehicle (ATV) operators, leave the ice during icebreaking operations. The ice may move, creating a real danger for anyone on it. Additionally, plan activities carefully and use extreme caution after operations are complete as the ice will remain unstable even once the icebreaker has left the area.

Coast Guard icebreaking service on the Great Lakes and connecting waterways is delivered through close co-operation between the Canadian and United States Coast Guards. By working together, the two Coast Guards ensure scheduled vessel traffic can move through the shipping channels and in and out of community harbours. Vessels are assigned as needed to provide this service.

The date and assets are subject to change with no notice, as activities could begin before or after that period, depending on operational requirements or weather conditions.