Island ploughing competitor qualifies for next year’s international event

Denis Seguin (on tractor) has qualified for the 2018 International Ploughing Match.

LITTLE CURRENT—Keeping an antique tractor on a straight course across a farm field while a steel plough cuts a furrow through the earth looks challenging, and it is a lot more challenging than it looks, but a Little Current man was pleased to discover he had qualified for next year’s International Ploughing Match.

“The first day was rained out,” said Denis Seguin of this year’s International Ploughing Match. “You have to respect the farmer’s field,” he explained.

The second day faired better, however, and things had dried out enough for the competition to go on. Mr. Seguin, a former dairy farmer who is now an EMS worker for the past 21 years, was 13th on the scoreboard by the end of the day, but he said he was plenty pleased with that result. “A young guy trying out for an old rodeo, I was pretty much the youngest guy there,” he said. He explained that he does not have an opportunity to rehearse for the competition. “My practice is on the field,” he laughed.

On the third day he ran into equipment issues, an occupational hazard when you run in the antique category, so he timed out. Still he didn’t come in last. “I placed 18 out of the 19,” he said. By the last day of the competition, he was back up and running to improve that score to 16 out of 19.

“I finished up 17th out of 19th,” he said. “In my books I was very pleased with the results. I will be going back next year.”

His next competition was in New Liskeard, where he placed fifth out of seven competitors over the nine days. “I was one point behind my father,” he laughed.

Although his days behind the plough are done for this year, Mr. Seguin is looking forward to climbing aboard his antique metal steed come next August. “We will be headed back to the Sault,” he said. “I have already qualified for the International in Verner in 2019.”