Justin Tilson is the Algoma-Manitoulin Green Party candidate

Justin Tilson

HONORA BAY—The Algoma-Manitoulin Green Party of Ontario Constituency Association is pleased to announce that Justin Tilson will be the Green Party candidate in the spring provincial election. 

Justin Tilson is an entrepreneur, IT professional, and not-for-profit director. Mr. Tilson was born, raised and currently lives on Manitoulin Island. His not for profit work is focused on food security, economic resilience and recycling initiatives for Northern communities.

“He is committed to creating a resilient and connected Northern Ontario economy while being an advocate for the long term sustainability of Ontario’s abundant natural resources,” a press release from the Green Party states. “Justin is looking forward to hearing from people throughout his vast riding and working towards a healthier and more prosperous future for all.”

Mr. Tilson completed a Bachelor of Commerce in 2000 and an MBA in Sustainable Development in 2010. Between those degrees, he co-founded Elastic Path Software, a successful ecommerce company based in Vancouver, BC. After completing his MBA and a several-year software engineering job with Whole Foods Market in Austin, Texas, Mr. Tilson moved on to found his own technology company developing custom software solutions for companies in Canada and the US. He is the executive director of the Northern Ontario Permaculture Research Institute (NOPRI), a recent recipient of the Premier’s Award for Agricultural Innovation.

As the director of NOPRI, Mr. Tilson works on a variety of community scale projects aimed at creating a food secure Northern Ontario. He is a long time cycling advocate and promoter electric bicycle technology.

While seeing common ground with other political parties, Mr. Tilson feels that the Green Party most closely aligns with values and aspirations for a diverse, inclusive, cooperative, peaceful and prosperous future.

Mr. Tilson’s campaign will be supported by the Algoma-Manitoulin Green Party of Ontario Constituency Association, which can be reached through the Green Party of Ontario’s main website www.gpo.ca.

Mr. Tilson has created a website, http://justintilson.com and is looking forward to hearing from constituents about the issues that matter to them. He can also be reached by calling 705-987-2791.