LCPS students help a skunk in peril

LCPS students and educators called Rainbow Rescue to save this skunk as it gasped for air inside the littered salad dressing jar.

LITTLE CURRENT – A group of Little Current Public School students spotted a skunk in peril near their schoolyard and their quick thinking in alerting one of their teachers very likely saved the little black and white creature from suffocation.

Bleu Fisher of Rainbow Rescue was contacted by a teacher at the school and she quickly sprang into action.

“I got the call about a skunk with a can over its head,” said Ms. Fisher. “I grabbed my net and headed over, but it turned out I didn’t need the net. The skunk was dying, it couldn’t breathe. I just walked right up to it and it didn’t budge.”

Ms. Fisher estimates that the skunk was quite young. “It looked to be about six or seven months.” As she approached the skunk she could see it was on its last legs. “It was all sweaty and hot,” she said.

“When I took the can off its head there was a thwuck sound, it was on there really tight,” she said. “The skunk was on a little incline and when the can came off it took a big gulp of air and rolled down a little ways, then it got up and waddled off.”

“Please, please, ask people not to litter,” said Ms. Fisher, pointing out that a carelessly tossed can or other container can become a lethal trap for hungry animals foraging for food.

Ms. Fisher said that she gets a number of calls throughout the year about animals in distress. “People who know me call me up,” she said, “but the best way to get a hold of me is probably through Facebook.”