Letter: A health care worker’s commendation of the community

Patience, kindness and compassion to one another keeps us functioning

To the Expositor:

As a health care worker speaking only for myself, I would like to commend the community of Manitoulin during this challenging transformation of our health care system as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our health care is made up of all of us “Manitouliners.” We as individuals, our health care teams, our supportive infrastructure and complementary resources have stepped up to the plate to protect our people.

We are all in this pandemic war as a unit; we cannot fight without having each other’s support and this has been a daunting task.  

Our communities have undergone so many changes that have affected each and every one of us in many different ways, but have touched us none the less. Our health care and extended communities have essentially shut down and reopened to help protect us all.

We have seen health care teams rearrange themselves in order to continue to deliver care in a manner that safeguards our communities. 

We have seen community leaders, health care providers and individuals step up to the plate to ensure that access to health care is continuing to be delivered, albeit in ways we have never seen before or thought possible.

COVID may have hit us, but as we go forward in full support of one another it has allowed us to become stronger and more cohesive.  

Patience, kindness and compassion to one another keeps us functioning, we are stronger together than apart. Being able to share and understand the feelings of one another allows us “Manitouliners” to continue to grow together.

My heart goes out to all and I am pleased to be a part of such a collective caring community.

Tara Rollins