Letter: Account of COVID dangers highlights need for common sense limits

We are all in this morass together

To the Expositor:

I am deeply moved by the heartfelt and poignant account regarding the dangers of COVID penned by former editor Diane Sims (‘Former editor demands vaxxes for all health workers,’ page 1, October 13, 2021); more power to her! Surely it is time for all folk to recognize that, sometimes there are common-sense limits to human rights and privacy. I value my rights but, even so, I do not have the right to punch you in the nose or put you in any kind of danger or health-threatening position. Indeed, there are surely limits in some situations to our rights and responsibilities. 

We are all in this morass together and it is certainly time to stand together against a common foe rather than to insist that ‘No, I come first!’ Let’s just face the truth and to hell with political pontificating in order to gain votes; the message to PSW workers is surely straight forward common sense–get your shots or get out—right now! And, by the way, most of us know about the wild conspiracy nonsense spread by the patently deluded folk out there and, let’s face it, via Facebook and Twitter etc. They will always be there until we find a way to limit internet idiocy!

And now onto education; the editorial in the same issue of the Expositor certainly emphasized the need for all youngsters to learn their history but, may I add a caveat? Time to view such history within the framework of that tragic human habit namely: ‘Man’s inhumanity to Man’! Kids need to understand that it is a long-standing failing which continues today as well as in the past. 

Consider China’s current treatment of their Uighur minority, England’s past treatment of both the Irish and the Scots, Brazil’s indifference to the survival of their forest tribes, American treatment of their black population and our own abysmal and horrifying dealings with First Nations children via the now thankfully defunct residential school system. I shudder to think of the number of unmarked graves of youngsters which will eventually be found at the end of this sordid story. 

Time for young folk to look each other in the face and to say, first and foremost, we are people but we are people who need to learn acceptance of those amongst us who are different, providing that those differences do us no harm!


 Eric Balkind

Gore Bay