Letter: Canadians must always stand on guard for the truth

“There is always someone out there ready, willing and able to twist the truth to suit their own purposes”

To the Expositor:

I would like to thank our telephone company, Eastlink, for the increase in our telephone monthly rate. COVID-19 is on, some folks need help. I was $119.86 per month up now to $128.90, never saw anything about an increase (maybe in small print).

Maybe we should be looking elsewhere or talking to our MP. Sounds like we could be getting close to an election, maybe we should talk to our member. Gas and hydro helped us out, but not Eastlink.

Doug McMurray

TehkummahTo the Expositor:

Free speech is a critical component of a democratic society but, as noted in your recent editorial (‘Social media access denial raises freedom of speech debate,’ January 21, Page 4), telling the truth, at least in the USA, is apparently no longer important. How else to read the troubling court decision telling Fox News that it is under no obligation to stick to the facts or even to acknowledge that what is being reported may in fact be a bunch of lies? This decision becomes ever more dangerous and damaging in a society inundated with gibberish via the internet. 

When reading almost anything online today we would do well to remember Winston Churchill’s observation that ‘A lie gets half way around the world before truth even has a chance to pull its pants on!’ No wonder that QAnon and other conspiracy buffs are able to spread malicious lies and half-truths so readily in today’s world! The recent chaos south of the border instigated by a delusional former president surely demonstrates the point! How else to explain the apparently brain-dead millions who bought into Trump’s madness and who continue to believe that he is still their fountain of truth?

The lesson for us, here in Canada, is that we should always be ‘on guard’ because there is always someone out there who is ready, willing and able to twist the truth to suit their own purposes!


Eric Balkind

Gore Bay