Letter: Cowards in power are treating ordinary people differently

When it is time to face the Creator, the high and mighty will not be so powerful

To The Expositor:

I always watch the news. One thing that really gets to me is when I see people in high profile positions, or the filthy rich, how they get away with things, even when they are breaking the law. 

No matter who they are dealing with, they need to stick to their policies or law instead of just being cowards when they are dealing with these people. They are treating ordinary citizens differently because they can easily push then around. What cowards. There should be no special privilege for anybody at all, not even the Prime Minister, when it comes to humans for there is no such thing as being special just because they are filthy rich or the leader. 

I always hear the term “rich and powerful” but for me I really do not see them like that because when it’s time to face the creator, they will not be so powerful after all and like I always say, they are to face our creator someday and his judgement too. 

Maybe I’m looking forward to his judgement with me, why I’m always thinking about it. I am a strong believer about our creator that He is watching us, how we treat each other here on earth. We are his children and he will punish us according to our mistakes unless we smarten up.

Ronald Osawabine