Letter: Kudos offered for Assiginack’s resolve in addressing trailer issues

No more blind eye to an uncollected tax base

To the Expositor:

Congratulations to Assiginack Township for having the resolve to finally address travel trailers. This is a long-standing problem on Manitoulin that has needed to be addressed for some time. 

The burden to subsidize travel trailers has been borne solely by taxpayers on Manitoulin, who have invested significantly to ensure they have proper septic systems to protect our water, we invest our tax money towards landfills, while travel trailers get a free ride and have no checks and balances to make sure they properly pump out their holding tanks, and they do not use local landfills, according to their tax contributions based on vacant land. 

The municipalities have been leaving this burden on the legitimate taxpayers for far too long and have continued to turn a blind eye to an uncollected tax base. I wouldn’t mind a reduction in taxes by not subsidizing someone else’s vacation tenement on wheels. 

Matt Gray