Letter: Leaders keep saying that everything is on the table

“What the heck is on the table?”

To the Expositor:

It’s really tiring to listen to these leaders saying everything is on the table. What the heck is on the table? I’m seeing that we have a spike in coronavirus once in a while then we end up having a lock down. If they keep shutting down, businesses will just end losing more business. 

Having curbside pickup is not good enough, especially when it is a rural area. For me, I would rather go into a store to shop; I might find something else that I might need. 

Hair salons and barber shops should remain open as essential services. 

If they do not shut down international travel we will keep having this problem. They should not come up with excuses why they do not want to shut it down. They can always use cargo jets or planes to get our supplies. The federal government has the money for it to pay these cargo jets and planes. 

The vaccinations are very slow, and I do not think that they’re catching up either. But they are saying they are vaccinating thousands of people a day; that is only a little pinch when I think about the population in this province or country. This virus is mutating and that’s going to make it a lot harder now by the time this is over. 

I wonder how many empty stores we will see that went out of business because not everybody shops online because you have to be very stupid to think that way. Myself, I would rather go into a store and see what I’m buying in person—that’s the way I shop.

Ronald Osawabine