Letter: Make your voices heard, help save the Old School

To those who care about saving one of the last historic buildings in
Central Manitoulin,

Apparently, according to one member of council, the property committee is keeping track of the numbers of positive and negative comments regarding demolition of the Old School.

This sturdy brick and stone structure is still solid and was built to last. It looks as good now as it did when it was built 100 years ago!

To think it will be demolished to make 22 parking spots for a potential and unrealistic complex that would be better suited to a location on the outskirts of town is ludicrous.

Over 800 people signed a petition opposing demolition but council maintains it was signed by random people with no local connections. Not so! Signatures were from people with direct connections to Manitoulin and mainly Central Manitoulin.

Again, this only serves to support their hidden agenda.

Please make yourselves heard. Let them know that there are more positive responses than negative. Send a letter to council and do it soon. Their next meeting is on January 12. Let them know that there are a great number of people who can see beyond their own agendas and see the importance of preserving one of the last pieces of history in the area.

Lynn Quesnel

Big Lake

The following is a list of the current council members in Central

Mayor Richard Stephens: cmreeve@eastlink.ca

Angela Johnston: cm.councillor.johnston@gmail.com

Derek Stephens: bowhunterderek@hotmail.com

Dale Scott: wmdalescott@hotmail.com

Steven Shaffer: shaffer@amtelecom.net

Al Tribinevicius: algitrib@gmail.com

Rose Diebolt: rjdiebolt@hotmail.com