Letter: Not much hope for climate action from world leaders

Can we turn back the clocks to the days of horses and buggies?

To the Expositor:

World leaders on climate change and pollution: I do not think it can be done because there is just too much going on in this world with all the conflicts that are happening. Citizens are divided too and if they want it to work, then they have to come together. When you’re so divided, what makes you think it is going to work? Besides, it’s going to get very expensive, too. 

The cost of living may just skyrocket even though leaders saying that it will be cheaper. I have heard that before but instead, it just gets more expensive. We have a lot of people who are struggling today. Even with minimum wage going up in January of next year, I expect the cost of living will also go up. I think employers will have to pass that extra cost to their customers. 

Like I’ve said before, mankind is a complete failure in every aspect of life. Mankind has lost the teachings of our Creator. Without the teachings of our Creator, man will just continue to screw things up. Technology will just create more problems in some way, but one of those problems right now is the electronic waste that continues to grow every year as they are coming out with new devices. This pollution will also slowly progress too. 

I kind of feel sorry for these activists too. They do not seem to see the truth of what they are up against. Unless they can turn back the clock, like going back to the old ways of getting around with horses and buggies or bicycles.

Ronald Osawabine