Letter: Of jams and jellies

A Manitoulin Island expat’s Facebook lament

To the Expositor:

Alas, I have been cancelled as an actual Manitouliner.

My attention was brought to a recent post by the administrator of a certain, popular, community Facebook group, that posited about the challenges he faces. He gave an example of an unnamed jellies and jam company that if he allowed to advertise on his site, would make profit at the expense of an actual local producer.

Co-incidentally, I had recently been blocked from the very same site for questioning the administrator over his public, derogatory comments about a Manitoulin registered company that produced jellies and jams.

I had placed a posting on his site saying these popular products could  be picked up as Christmas presents at our local store in South Baymouth.

After he made some derogatory comments under the post, the administrator pulled it off the site. I sent him a private message the following morning, explaining that the company in question was actually Manitoulin registered, and I was just trying to help our local South Baymouth store get some winter business.

I received back a blizzard of verbal dross and accusations that the administrator would have never allowed on his site.

After attempting to deescalate the conversation, I gave up and simply signed off with an apology and best wishes. He ranted some more, then at some stage, blocked me.

As the administrator stated, “I am protecting real local people, not pretend local people.” Thus was I cancelled, and I guess, our local store.


David Samuels

South Baymouth