Letter: Old School letter spawns concept of harnessing technology for direct democracy

“Our triumphs will be our own as well as our failures”

To the Expositor:

Recently I have been reading about various councils making “mistakes.” There is wide and varied criticism of council members. These people are our neighbours and friends and I believe vitriol and animosity towards them is uncharitable and downright dangerous.

The six letters from last week’s paper are quite accurately written, but only one is absolutely brilliant.

The first paragraph of Allison McCallister’s take on the Old School issue included a revolutionary solution (‘The Old School’s possibilities are endless if one puts one’s mind to it,’ Page 5).

In the glorious age of technology, we citizens have a golden opportunity. Why can’t we “all” be council members online?

Publish all proposals on a town webpage and thrash out everything in the public eye of the webpage. Give every taxpayer of the town an encrypted vote and decide every issue as a community group. Our triumphs will be our own as well as our failures.

This simple transparency begs to be implemented.

Tommy Lough