Letter: Outrage expressed over Old School demolition plans

Instead pursue more constructive notions for the building—all that’s required is imagination

Central Manitoulin Mayor and Councillors,

Though I am new to the community of Mindemoya, after recently moving here from the neighbouring community of Providence Bay, I share the outrage over the appearance of a corrupt motive for the council sneaking through the recent motion to demolish the Old School site.

It’s obvious there is a secret agenda resisting the filing for establishing this complex as a “heritage site,” let alone ignoring various proposals for the short-sighted notion of turning these various structures into a parking lot.

My gut tells me that the only reason for this would be to eventually use the site for a luxury condominium complex and strip mall, which could not be a more horrible and inappropriate idea.

Since the funding for a modern sports multiplex went down the crapper, rather than considering any one of various alternatives, I suggest pursuing the inclusive notion of all the following: an expansion of the nearby Weengushk Film Institute, an assortment of arts workshops, office for a Manitoulin Island search and rescue training facility, affordable housing units, renovation of the existing hockey arena and an outdoor performance complex. 

All that’s required is imagination. If you visualize it, the necessary resources will appear. What was that famous quote from ‘Field of Dreams’ (1989), “If you build it, they will come.”

Derek Stephen McPhail