Letter: Poetic prose on COVID during another day in paradise

It’s time to slow the pace and care for this place

To the Expositor:

Another day in paradise, blue like eyes the sky, gentle breeze, the sun a radiant glow, another day in paradise.

Green grass, flowers ready to show spring is in the air. Another day in paradise another year to go.

Another year of COVID, let’s hope it’s soon to go.

As I look outside my window life is all around, I look outside within myself and contemplate this world I know.

On the deck now in my chair my eyes begin to roam. Robins searching worms have found, wood peckers grooming trees, grubs have found. Crows appear like shadows in the distance fly, a pair of geese fly by. Squirrels jumping limb to limb blowing in the wind. The echo of waves on the distant beach filter through the forest deep. Osprey silently gliding through the air. I close my eyes, I too can fly, in a trance with nature dance.

What day today losing track of time, it’s COVID time. Today is Sunday, Thursday was Earth Day, Earth Week a celebration time.

Mother Nature speaks to me in ways I cannot explain. She took my hand and walked with me through space and time. Peace and tranquility she says to me transcending usual thought. She called me you and spoke of we and referenced humankind. ‘I see our world,’ she said to me. Keepers of this earth in our time. Not alone there is life of every kind. We are stewards in space and time.

The human race an arrogant race in jeopardy you put this place, one of a kind. Now is time to slow the pace and care for this place during your time.

I opened my eyes and cleared my mind and viewed a new reality. My hand now free with open mind she told me you will see. Talk to me walk with me anytime. My time is your and yours is mine – eternally.

Michael T. Gorman