Letter: The pandemic is causing problems, especially for the homeless

People need to turn their lives around and start believing in the Creator again

To the Expositor:

This pandemic is just causing more problems, especially when it comes to the homeless population. It is constantly growing, and our government never pays any attention to it. Even when they are being told they need to improve fixed incomes. They never listen to that advice because the going rate for an apartment right now is around $1,000 a month and I think that’s the cheapest somebody can get. I do believe a lot of people are living on ODSP (Ontario Disability Support Program) and living on this income is not even good enough for your dog. That’s how degrading it is and that is why we have a lot of homeless people. 

Some of these who are living on this income are becoming homeless because their rent is going up and then getting kicked out when they cannot afford to pay their rent anymore. Mankind’s system is a complete failure at every level. Some people may not understand this, but I do because sometimes I think I’m the only one who still has some sense when I see what is going on around me. We have a very sick society that we have a lot of problems in this world and this technology is just making it a lot worse. This Facebook and other social media available on the internet is filled with conspiracy theories. People need to turn their lives around to start believing in the creator again. This might bring peace and calmness back into your life. We just might continue to have problems with this pandemic from the looks of it anyway.

Ronald Osawabine