Letter: Reader commends the courage of new Island arrivals

A recommendation ot read ‘From Homestead to Community’

To the Expositor:

As I read Heather Marshall’s beautiful piece on young couple Arthur Ross and Candice Irwin coming from the city lights to make or go of it here in the Island, I find it so interesting and take my hat off to them for their courage (‘Newish to Manitoulin’).

I just finished a must-read book by Paula Mallea about pioneer women settling here with husbands on the Island especially on the West End in the 1800s and beyond. These are true stories.

I always knew women were tougher than men and this book proves it, hands down. To see this cute couple was off the “grid” for a time, these pioneer women bless their hearts, never knew of such a word back in the bush.

This new couple needs to read this book to really appreciate where they are now and how we are so far removed from the way it was for those unbelievably strong women.

I will buy this book to you if the desire to learn is there.

It’s called ‘From Homestead to Community’ and is sold at The Expositor Office bookstore.


Lyle Dewar

Providence Bay