Letter: Rise in COVID-19 cases due to the unvaccinated

A full recommendation for third vaccine booster shots

To the Expositor:

The virus is on the increase again and it is because of these unvaccinated people. They are now getting sick and also spreading the virus. I hope Health Canada will give out booster shots to fully vaccinated people because I would be willing to take it myself. I’m already thinking about what it will be like this fall, will we be facing lockdowns again? We just might end up with a full-blown epidemic this time, especially when it’s flu season. It would be best for elders to get this booster shot or anyone who has any kind of health condition who is at risk. I’m always thinking about the safety of citizens and I know these unvaccinated people would be causing problems for us. Now, some of them are feeling sorry that they did not listen as they are lying in the hospital beds fighting for their life. I keep up to date with this to see what it’s doing or how fast this virus is spreading again. I think we seem to be doing okay for now, but I would strongly recommend Health Canada to give booster shots for fully vaccinated people this fall rather than feeling sorry later on when it’s too late.

Ronald Osawabine