Letter: Road conditions in Wiikwemkoong amount to elder abuse

Why do the leadership never listen?

To the Expositor:

The government is for the community, it’s not for their own personal use. 

Now I’m hearing that our roads may not be fixed because they also screwed up that one too because the gravel they used is not good for paving, because I believe the paving company did come back again for the second time and still the gravel was no good for paving. So, I guess the leadership just wasted thousands of dollars on this because I think the leadership is just turning this community into lawlessness because when community members have legitimate complaints leadership never listens. I have spoken to elders myself before and telling me how they have experienced how nobody listens to them, now, that I have experienced the same thing now. I know how they must feel because the leadership is being run on the basis of friendships. I believe leadership is doing some elder abuse in the community and it’s because of friendships and then the police service just might be affected by this too. I do believe that it was a form of abuse I went through then I’m an elder too. The question is how long the community members will stand for this kind of abuse within the leadership.

Ronald Osawbine