Letter: Some thoughts from the pen of the Kagawong Cenotaph chair

Remember to thank a veteran today

To the Expositor:

Once again, for a second year in a row, Covid 19 is keeping us out of the Park Centre on November 11. It is our deepest regret that formal indoor Remembrance Day services cannot go forward.  We can only hope that this pandemic will be manageable enough to the point that we can return indoors next year. However, just because we can’t hold a formal service, doesn’t mean we can’t remember. 

On Remembrance Day 2021, we remember the many Canadians who answered the call at places like Vimy Ridge. We remember the late Allen Tustian of Mindemoya serving in the Royal Canadian Navy in hazardous North Atlantic convoy.  We Remember local veteran Red Butler fighting on behalf of Canada in Korea, we remember former cenotaph chairman Peter Fletcher helping to maintain the peace during the Cold War. This Remembrance Day 2021 we are thinking of the 40,000 members of the Canadian Armed Forces who served in Afghanistan, some from Manitoulin Island. Of those 40,000, 158 died during the Afghanistan mission.  

While there is debate about this 20-year conflict, it’s important to remember the Canadian Armed Forces made a difference in Afghanistan. They made a contribution to give people there a better way of life, while at the same time combating terrorist threats to keep us safe over here.   

In August 2021, American forces withdrew from Afghanistan. Canadian aircrews and military personnel were part of a multinational evacuation operation. They evacuated nearly 4,000 Canadian citizens and Afghans seeking to flee the rule of the Taliban.

The long service of maintaining the peace continues with the Canadian Armed Forces and we will always remember their important role and sacrifice. 

If you get a chance, remember to thank a veteran today.  

Rick Nelson


Kagawong Cenotaph Committee