Letter: Speaking the truth alienates too many these days

The Creator tells us to watch out for the good and the bad and be on guard

To the Expositor:

In today’s society when somebody speaks the truth, they will get alienated with some people. When I was listening to the news this person was interviewed by the media and this is what he was experiencing. He spoke the truth and I have to agree with him because I’m experiencing the same thing, but when I see the truth I have to say something about it. That is how our creator wants us to live, to be honest and truthful, and it’s not easy either. 

When I was abusing alcohol, I came up with all kinds of lies just to get more money for my next bottle, but not anymore. When I’m speaking about the truth I do not beat around the bush either. I’m very direct because if I try to explain it, I know people will come up with smart answers. Why? It’s because they are trying to deny the truth it’s almost like I can read people’s minds. Someday we will have to face our Creator because God’s wisdom is better than gold, that’s the way I see it even though I do not like it. I’m religious, but the Creator is my support since there is nobody else in my life. It is a good feeling to have and I believe he is giving us this wisdom and its free for me to have because every day I do think about the Creator and I do believe my life is so well balanced too. I can tell between the good and the bad and to watch out for it. Be on guard because that’s one of our Creator teachings too. 

I know with this pandemic its taking a toll on everybody but keep in mind the Creator is there for you and all you have to do is reach out to him and pray, just pray from the heart do not ask for anything because the Creator knows you better than yourself and if you do this he just may answer your prayers and be faithful when you pray.

Ronald Osawabine