Letter: Technology has a lot of influence on citizens

Be careful what you believe

To the Expositor:

Technology we have today has a lot of influence on citizens, especially with social media or any other kind of chat line. It’s so easy to misuse it. It’s being used for spreading hatred and racism. Citizens are getting scammed for their money, sometimes in the thousands of dollars, and cannot recover their loss because these scammers are all over the world, out of reach for law enforcement. Then there are those who are spreading conspiracy theories online, some people end up believing them and that is dangerous. People could end up getting hurt or even killed. 

Citizens need to be very careful what to believe what they may see or read. Get the facts first before you believe anything because there is a lot of misleading information going around within the internet services. It is not a safe place to be in and citizens need to understand that because these brainless morons who are coming up with this kind of service cannot even figure out how to make it foolproof. They are just trying to make a fast buck. We have a lot of unstable people out there who have access to the internet services and I think these people who are spreading conspiracy theories online are probably very unstable people.

Ronald Osawabine