Letter: Technology is causing a lot of people to become lost souls

People can be so judgemental

To the Expositor:

Today’s life is very complicated. It’s because of this technology that is coming out. I see a lot of people are just losing their way of life; lost souls, I would say. Then I see there are a lot of followers too who are trying to please each other. Then sometimes they end up being miserable because of it. I am very fortunate that I’m not one of those people because I just try to live my own life, which is comforting for me because I was battling my alcoholism, I even went into treatment to try to quit but that never worked and why? Because something happened to me in my childhood and my inner child was hurting very bad from that. But I had this wisdom too during my drinking days. I’m using this wisdom now to live and even elders were telling me that I had a lot of wisdom while I was battling my alcoholism. I was even talking to a psychiatrist about my drinking problem and on my third visit she tells me that I was very wise that I was not the problem because during my visit I was talking to her about life, the way it should be. But when I was talking to others about this they just turn it against me because of my alcoholism. It’s like saying I was the problem because sometimes people are so judgmental too. As for me I try to stay away from that because if your judging somebody that you are being judged also at the same time. It’s God who is judging you because that is how it works. 

We do have this inner child in all of us and the day we die, I may not look religious either, or act like one not to have anybody here on earth. It seems to be working too with all the lockdown that’s happening. I do not miss going out and isolation is no problem for me either, so it’s all good for me and it feels so good to have this understanding about life; now it’s just about surviving in this crazy world we live in.

Ronald Osawabine