Letter: Tell a lie often enough and a lot of people will believe it

The Mindemoya arena is in no danger of falling down

To the Expositor:

Donald Trump has proved the statement that if a person repeats a “lie” enough times there will be lots of people that will believe the “lie” to be true.

In the September 22, 2021 issue of the Expositor, page 5 “With Council’s blessing, Mindemoya arena will open for winter sports,” false statements such as the one coming from one of our councillors of Central Manitoulin that council spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on the Mindemoya arena every year makes a person wonder what other lies the public are fed.

For one thing it sounds like the Mindemoya arena is swaying in the wind and will fall at any moment.

Over the years council has done a terrific job at keeping the arena in good repair with the $214,000 structural steel application to the roof and sides it is now built like a battleship. Why would any council want to destroy the new upgrades of the new boards, new plexiglass surrounding the boards, new lighting, new above the ice surface apron, a reasonably new Zamboni room etc. etc. etc.

So don’t tell the public the Mindemoya arena is about to collapse.

A number of years ago it was stated that the Mindemoya arena needed showers which is a perfectly fine idea as the Providence Bay residents got together and put showers in the Providence Bay arena.

The needing the showers statement went from somehow having to tear down the Mindemoya community centre, the Old School, the beautiful park, tearing up the ballfield that was so beautifully built with the backing of the Blue Jays organization and finally taking the wrecking ball to the skating arena and building a multi-million-dollar sports complex.

Wow! How governing bodies can get carried away, with a “lie” that the Mindemoya arena is falling down and needs to be replaced. Put in the showers! Save the taxpayers money because the garbage disposal issue is going to be a costly one.


Lyle Dewar

Providence Bay