Letter: The ability to fish should be viewed as a privilege

Privileges come with responsibilities

To the Expositor:

Re: March 24 article “Island program teaches kids to hunt and fish ‘like the PROS,’” Page 7.

This initiative to mentor young people in Indigenous, land-based and conservation-based fishing and hunting practices warms my heart. My two adult children both love to fish, and our annual family fishing vacation on the Island takes advantage of its many different waterways, as well as fish species to learn about. Both children are conscientious fishers which I applaud. Not everyone is, though, and I’ve seen evidence of this, for example people fishing out of season. Being able to fish should be viewed, in my opinion, as a privilege, one that brings with it responsibilities. It is not an entitlement.

Kudos to all those individuals, First Nations communities and organizations who are committed to teaching responsible practices to young people, giving them knowledge as well as first-hand experiences to cherish for the rest of their lives.

Deborah McKellar

Neustadt, Ont.