Letter: The pandemic will be with us for a while

Our government needs to do a better job of controlling this virus

To the Expositor:

I think the coronavirus will be with us for a while. They are taking so long to get people vaccinated and the virus is mutating too. Some international travellers are going to be exempted from isolating themselves and that is a pretty damn stupid thing to do. What if they are carriers of the virus? They are going to spread it around. If they can afford an airline ticket, then they can afford a room too for isolation or the government can foot the bill for their isolation. 

That is another way of doing it to keep this virus from spreading. It is so hard to see a doctor now because of the coronavirus and for me, when I see a doctor I would rather do it in person because I communicate better that way, I’m not one of those technology freaks. 

I’m still living in the reality of life and it is tiring with these lockdowns going up and down even though it’s not hard on me, but I do miss my regular haircuts that I got all the time. 

Our government needs to do a better job at controlling this virus, especially when it comes to international travel and it has nothing to do with racism either. So, do not get me wrong, it’s because I do not beat around the bush when I say something.

Ronald Osawabine