Letter: The staff of Manitoulin Lodge are exceptional

Take a moment when next you visit to thank these angels and true heroes

To the Expositor:

If ever you wonder are there angels on earth, look no further than the Manitoulin Lodge in Gore Bay. My Uncle Marvin Guy from Ice Lake was a resident of that facility for years and sadly passed away quietly early on the morning of August 15. When he passed several of the staff wept openly. They gave him gentle hugs, kissed his forehead and through streams of tears said their goodbyes, not just to a resident but to their old friend. In a world too full of self-absorbed people, these are true heroes. There are no words that can describe how kind and thoughtful these women and men are. Working in far less than ideal conditions for far less than they deserve, they work tirelessly and patiently. 

So, next time you have the occasion to visit that facility or any other of its type, please take a moment to thank the staff for what they do day after day, year after year. These men and women are angels and true heroes. 

Brad Palmer