Letter: Two sides to every story ‘COVID-19 and new variants’

A plea for civil discourse and understanding in these most trying of times

To the Expositor:

In response to the unvaccinated, it is becoming common place that having a difference of opinion around vaccination is both irresponsible and outright criminal. For lack of better argument, they are labelled conspiracy “wackos” selfish, uncaring, and misinformed. Those who have a different viewpoint, be it right, wrong, or indifferent, still have the right to be heard; if not, we need to rethink our own strong and unwavering mindset. Putting people of all levels of society in jeopardy of job loss, including doctors and emergency service workers, because they are not complying with the mainstream narrative, is total insanity.

Some will obviously deny the response of comparison to the true medical villains of human demise such as cancer. heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, depression, substance abuse, et al. The money needs to address these real concerns without ruining an economy where the death rates are irrelevant by comparison. When society becomes swamped in a sea of fear daily, moment by moment, hour by hour, it is not hard to magnify a 1 percent death rate, give or take, worldwide as catastrophic.

Let us hope both sides can communicate and appreciate the difference of opinion in a respectable manner. Why are we not allowing experts to discuss the facts openly, and this open communication would alleviate the anger, shaming and discrimination that is currently happening!

PS. Lastly the fact is many people are having serious side effects from these “vaccinations” ranging from depression, anxiety, blood clots, myocarditis and, tragically, death, but this information is omitted in the medical and media professions. Why?

These “vaccinations” are merely treatments and should not be our only option, but one option out of multiple options for treating this endemic. There has never been only ever “one right side” to any discussion.

 It is time the door opened to allow for critical, thought-provoking conversations around what is happening.

Roy Woolley

Ajax, Ontario

Former Little Current resident with strong family ties and heritage to the Manitoulin Island.