Letter: When will the COVID-19 pandemic end?

It could take several years, so reader will continue to mask up and follow protocols

To the Expositor:

So here we are, many months into the COVID-19 pandemic with varying degrees of spikes across the country, including tremendous case increases in Alberta and Saskatchewan, which are bringing those province’s hospitals to the brink of collapse with Alberta calling for federal assistance in the form of the Canadian military and Red Cross. 

Across our country various provinces are trying to bring in, or bring back, in some cases, different policies and mandates to continue to combat COVID-19, including mandatory masking in public, vaccination incentives, vaccination passports etc., etc. At the same time, as we continually see COVID-19 outbreaks reoccur and reoccur, you continue to hear Canadians talk about and discuss things that will happen “after COVID,” but many others, myself included, wonder “will COVID end?” or maybe more understandably put, “how can COVID end?”

“How can COVID end” or “why will COVID not end?” Across our country the reasons for these questions are very obvious. To be very blunt but very factual, they can be summed up in one sentence: COVID deniers, anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers. And where and why this group can be the most dangerous is when they are ignored by government and let to run rampant. We have seen so many examples of this just recently with this group of individuals protesting en masse in front of hospitals and even inside schools. Huge numbers of them—not vaccinated, not masked and not social distanced. These are COVID super-spreader events and all these individuals are going back to their families and friends after their participation! It is pure insanity yet they faced no consequences for their actions and so far only the Quebec government has made these protests illegal in hospital and school zones. 

In the recent federal election, many times we saw alt-right figures like Max Bernier and Derek Sloan at mass PPC rallies. Again, huge numbers not vaccinated, not masked and not social distanced and again, no consequences and this is a sanctioned Canadian political party being allowed to run in a federal election with absolutely no public health protocols in place and once again, all returning to family and friends after the rallies. Many of these rallies took place in Alberta, so you can come to your own conclusion, but this certainly seemed pretty inappropriate in a province where hospitals’ ICUs are maxed out with COVID patients and the military and Red Cross are being brought in to assist.

So here we are, in the cycle of COVID. So how long will the cycle last? Good question! As long as we have a relatively high percentage of COVID deniers, anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers spreading COVID among themselves and to other vulnerable citizens, the COVID cycle will continue and the harsh reality is COVID will continue to be evident in one way or another until either the majority of deniers, anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers are either dead or became so sick, it scared them enough to take precautions or the government finally gets so fed up that vaccinations are mandated by law for every citizen, with only certain valid medical exceptions allowed. It could take many years for this scenario to play out so personally, I intend to continue to mask-up, take booster vaccinations when recommended by Health Canada and my family doc and will definitely stay away from crowds! More time out in the bush for me, on the land, with the critters where things make sense and where a human being is safe from ignorant, arrogant, people who don’t give a damn about their fellow human beings! 

Thank you,

Greg Young