Letters: Captains of industry know we are self-destructing on Earth

We should spend the trillions of space exploration dollars on cleaning up our planet instead

To the Expositor:

With all the press on carbon tax, environmental cleanup, I must say it’s all good, however where is the concern for water pollution in this province?

Have Grassy Narrows, Espanola digester effluent, Sarnia daily chemical effluent into our waters, southern and northern paper and pulp mills, manufacturing and steel production, etc.  become shadowed by politically driven focus to our air? To hell with our water? 

Big business is very crafty, for a buck you see. How long shall it be before they realize the best way for them to cloak over their emissions is by liquefying them, dumping into our world class streams, rivers, lakes, indeed our drinking, cooking, cleaning water without consequences? Maybe that is occurring this very moment.

Pay attention, captains of industry, political leaders, those elected and nominated to make decisions for our future and present children’s existence. Why do you think we are spending trillions to go seek out colonies on the moon, Mars and beyond? The no-brainer answer is because these captains and politicians already know we are on self-destruct to waste this planet Earth, and they have conceded recolonizing is much more politically convenient than dealing with our present course on the way to destructing this existence. Spend those trillions on cleaning up, finding alternatives to killing ourselves slowly, but surely.

Michael White

Little Current