Tehkummah Talk & Times

If I clean one dirty window

Will it change the way I feel?

The sun that shines upon it

Has to work hard to reveal

Those cobwebs in the corner,

The dust upon the books….

I grow quite complacent

And don’t mind the way it looks.

But if I clean one corner,

I’ll have to follow through

And work a little harder

To clear my space and view.

The plants need readjusting

Upon that window sill

Of course, that leads again 

Into another job until

My place would be so shiny

I wouldn’t know my home!

Oh heck, I’ll just write poetry

And leave that stuff alone!

– Pat Hall

April 28, 2019

(Actually, I did clean one window, don’t want to overdo?)

Kim, Kathy and Kirby left our home this morning. It was so nice to have them home. Last week, Sissy left me a $100 scratch card. A chocolate appeared, and it was worth $5. I took it to the store after the kids left and won $75 on another ticket. Wow! What, no investment? Profit! Do you realize I missed mentioning the fact that the “spring peepers” were since Sunday, Easter day! And besides that, I never even mentioned one of the most significant days of the year, Earth Day, last week too and I have been earth scratching.

Susan and Ross had a nice couple of days, they said Josh Turner was on the same bill as Scotty. Unusual, because they both have deep similar voices. They showed me a bit of the music video with Scotty’s newest song. Went to Shirley’s with Marg for a replay of our Easter dinner. Marg left for Elliott Lake after supper. I came home with Tara in time for bingo with Jacob and Jaylynn. Skylar went home with her dad. We all straggled in at odds as Ray and Sherry both had to work today. Heard this evening that Graham Fogal has passed away, he had been in failing health this last while. Always a faithful at cribbage and euchre. A pleasant fellow. Will miss him. I called about seven to Meaford, Kim and Kathy had been home about 40 minutes. So they made good time.

Sympathy to Dorothy and the family on the sudden death of Mike Ferguson last week, as well, heard that Mabel Sauder had passed away too. Thinking of you all.

It’s raining good this Tuesday morning. I called Cal to see how he was feeling as he’d had a bit of a hospital stay last week and had gone up for a check Monday with Barb. His cold sounded much better. He said Eugene had had a fall and hurt herself. Be careful everyone!

Marie Carradonna, thinking of you. I heard that Dorothy, Rita and Lennie had been down to visit you a week or two ago.

I heard today also that Marie Hoffman wasn’t well, so thinking of you too.

Usually hear some news of one kind or another almost every day.

We had five- and three-quarter tables at cribbage today: I won high hand with 23, Georgina had a close 21; first, Shirley and Betty, 935; second, Donna and Hugh, 931; third, Noreen and Doris, 926; low, Dorothy and Ken, 858; door, Hugh (pulled his own catcalls), Bill and Betty. There is always a half way break with great food, thanks everyone. 

I know why I don’t watch news on TV. Tonight, floods, suicide bombing, fraudulent criminal fear. I’m shutting it off! And I will keep news off!

Beautiful Thursday morning. Sun shining. Did a bit of walkaround outside, it was warm walking to the Hall. Sure thing spring today. The snow birds are back. Shirley and Dave Nelder, Rhonda and Don too. Rhonda with a brand-new knee! Added some fun to the Bid Euchre. All the euchres from now on will be evenings: winner today, Pat Hall, 233 (yahoo!); second, Dave Nelder, 212; third, Hugh Corbett, 188; low, Patrysha, 81; 50/50, John Norvak; special prize, Betty Jean; special prize ME!!!

Rain and green grass go together. Get out the lawn mowers and get them ready.

Oh my gosh, on the third of May it will be 19 years since sister Nancy died. Time is such a strange thing in our minds, eh!

Thank you for all my blessings and special thoughts this last week and Sandra Pope gave me a lovely bracelet to commemorate my great cancer report. I had on my lucky shirt and bracelet too at Bid Euchre, did you think? Blue skies?

Hope you are better “EM” by the time this paper gets ya. You should, I guess, if they are two weeks getting there.

The coffee time gang has lots of laughter. What a fun bunch. Evelyn and I usually share a bit of poetry, she has stories too.

Lori Gordon has a birthday coming up on the 17th of May.

Well, I knew the answers (most of them) after they told me. And we did call our team the “Brain Freeze”: Snow Birds, 74; Quartet, 72.5; Peacemakers, 71; Brain Freeze, 48.5; Sunset Avengers, 42.5. Lots of winners. Lori took me in.

A couple of games of Tiki at Susan’s and Simon’s last evening. Simon won one and I won the second. Pauline and Wayne dropped me at my door around 10, I think. We had been to Green Acres (Simon’s Taxi) for our supper and Pauline the birthday girl had paid with Wayne’s money! That’s a party! Sherry and Dave joined us there and then went on to visit his Mom Marion at the Manor. Of course, as usual when we all get together, we have such a wonderful time. In the middle of a huge family gathering too at the Hall in the afternoon, the Celebration of Mike Ferguson’s life. A few of the McCulligh family members I did know but their families, younger generation, I do not know. I haven’t seen Linda and Randy for a while, nice to get a hug or two. When I got to the restaurant I was laughing, my scarf had tucks in it and I find a Velcro burdock burr? Where did it come from? I could have been attached to everyone I hugged at the Hall, could have been fun! Had a nice visit with Julia McCutcheon and Ralph Batman. Sat too with John Bowerman, Mary and Paul and finally saw Joan and Borden (who is still trying to set me up, ha.) 

It looked like the food at the Hall was amazing. The coffee was delicious. Photos, flowers and lots of visiting going on around it all. Big families are amazing, aren’t they, and such a gift.

It seems the home farm still is making payments. It could be maple syrup in the spring, or an apple pie in the fall, lucky us! Thanks, Shirley and Ed. I just have to stop in this spring, when the wind flowers and daffodils are abloom, keep with their heart!

Mollie called just as I was getting ready to go out yesterday to tell me sad news from sisters petting zoo once again. This Facebook stuff is quite amazing to me. It’s amazing I can even get a local weather report from the west by phone for me, of course. Helping at the hall were the Market Gardeners (they were so good to Mom and me too!)

Thinking of Bert Whelan who is in Mindemoya Hospital, I hear.

For the first time in “forever” I went to the restaurant after church via Mary Yett taxi and another small passenger named Sparky. Mary seems to be doing well since her knee replacement and was even away working as a veterinary already. I finally met Liz, a friendly lady with a lovely smile. Norman taxied me to church, so thanks everyone. Martin always works a lot of music into the sermon and nice to have Pat back at the piano/organ this week. Though Lynda did a fabulous job, last Sunday. 

My pen obviously has too much to say again. Winter did major havoc on my glass table tops outside. In all the years, I had never ever put them away for the season. I should have!

Just home from the first steak, cooked perfect, BBQ of the season, just had to walk next door. Sherry and Dave were there too. Everyone was tired. They were doing camp yard clean-up today. Apparently, snakes are out!