LETTERS: Heartening that 350 American newspapers joined The Expositor

Speaking out against those who would sell us lies and innuendo

To the Expositor:

Your recent editorial ‘A deadly challenge to the foundations of democracy is underway, August 8, Page 4’ should be read by one and all; clearly democracy is under threat and if we do not respond and take action we will all suffer the consequences! I grew up during the London Blitz and it was a dangerous time but, I submit, probably not as dangerous as what we all face today; we have an idiot south of our border leading the world towards chaos and too many people buying into conspiracy theories (think Q-Anon, etc.) courtesy of Internet trolls led, in some cases, by dangerous regimes antagonistic to and seeking to destroy the free world.

It is heartening to learn that on Thursday, August 16 more than 350 American newspapers across the USA featured editorials like the Expositor’s recent effort by speaking out and taking a clear stand against those who would sell us lies and innuendo. We need to do our own small part to help put an end to this rightwing nonsense and propaganda. If we fail to act the world we value will suffer; surely we owe it to our children to take positive and effective action! Moreover, we should remain, in future times, always on guard!


Eric Balkind

Gore Bay