LETTERS: Vacationer relates Island encounters with “truly amazing people”

Folks here were willing to hit pause on their lives to assist strangers

To the Expositor:

Upon our two-day vacation to Manitoulin Island, we encountered a few bumps (literally). Though, through this we found some truly amazing people.

First, when our car’s rear suspension broke, we found a number for a garage in Little Current who put us in contact with the most amazing man: Ron Van Every. Ron of Moore’s Auto Service of Little Current said he would give us a tow to a garage and drop us off at our motel. As we were only staying for the one night and had just left our motel, we called to see if we could stay there again. The only problem was our little dog had spent the night in our car and as we would no longer have the car, they wouldn’t allow our dog to stay; we then began to call around. We were unable to find a place to stay that either accepted pets or had any vacancy and my dad suggested that he would stay with the car and mum and I would go home as walk-ons on the ferry. Once we had explained our plan to Ron, he said he would be willing to give us a ride which made the whole situation a little better, and that was just the beginning.

We loaded the Buick and off we set. On our journey to the garage, Ron said he had called all the garages on the Island and Bob, of White’s Shell in Manitowaning, was the only one who was able to help us out of our situation. 

Once we arrived, Bob took a look, apologized and said that there was no way to temporarily fix the problem, it would have to stay, the part be ordered and replaced at his garage. As we were running out of time and ideas, we went with our original plan. We found a lovely motel in Manitowaning for my dad to stay at for the night and a wonderful lady from the shop said she would give him a ride there. Mum and I grabbed our handbags, our dog and off we set (leaving all other belongings in the car). 

We were so grateful for the help and for everyone to go so above and beyond to help us. We began to thank Ron on our way to South Baymouth, who simply replied “No problem, it’s what we do.” Mum and I were amazed, speechless in fact. All these people hit pause, took their time and went out of their way to help us. As Ron dropped us off at the dock in South Baymouth, we thanked him again. Though no words could ever describe how grateful we are to all the people we met along the way, but most of all, Ron. Thank you!

Many thanks, 

Bryoney Ellis and Family