Liberal smoke and mirrors revealed

Far too intelligent Ontario electorate won’t fall for it

To the Expositor:

The “Honourable Glen Thibeault” has t-boned us again.

He got on his high horse again recently by means of being signatory to a letter to the editor. Liberal Diversionary Government is far too easy to read right through Mr. Thibeault.

The Wynne Government “smoke and mirror” slick tricks are becoming the order of the day for the far too intelligent Ontario electorate. At the same time Kathleen is waving the “Help has arrived” heroine of the province—bad, bad hydro, poor, poor consumers flag. She makes the dubious claim of rolling back our monthly donations to hydro (a.k.a. bills). Glen is busy creating a diversion through his letter to, and is in bed with the OEB (Ontario Energy Board).

Last month, hydro made official application(s) two rate increases. My money (the little I have left) is on OEB approval. The years have passed and the major Ontario dilemma remains provincial electricity bills and rates. Have these two been guaranteed a cushy semi-retired post politics dream hydro job or what?

Mike White