Manitoulin Centennial Manor Minutes


Manor Administrator Michelle Bond informed the board that the 2018 proposed budget had not yet been finalized but that it would be reviewed with the board at its January meeting.

Administrator’s report

Ms. Bond reported that the home had a 99.03 percent occupancy rate and had 29 applicants on the waiting list.

“In my 14 years I haven’t seen a waiting list like that,” said Ms. Bond. “I think that really speaks to the reputation of the home.”

She also told the board that the home would be doing fire drills next week and that a full inspection would be done of the home.

Ms. Bond said that 16 PSW shifts had to be filled by agency staff in November and that the home still has two unfilled positions. She added that there were six Cambrian College students currently doing their placement at the Manor.


Board member Wendy Gauthier was pleased to tell the board that the Tree of Lights campaign has been going well and that it has already raised over $11,000 bringing the Patient Ceiling Lift campaign up to $60,241.45 (of its $75,000 goal). (This has since been met. See Page 3.)