M.S.S. Kids in the Halls

How is it already the first week of March?

Last week was a short week for students. Monday, February 21 was Family Day, and then Tuesday, February 22 was a snow day. This meant it was a three-day week! With all the snow days lately, classes are beginning to get a little behind schedule. But as usual, staff and students are going with the flow and things will get back on track soon.

A snow joke for you: How does a Penguin build a LEGO house? Igloos it together!

Sports tournaments were back up and running last week. It hasn’t been an easy ride getting this sports season going with COVID-19 for any of the teams, but some light was seen at the end of the tunnel when the familiar blare of the buzzer could be heard again throughout the school. Both the junior and senior boys’ basketball teams had games on Thursday, February 24. Each team tried their best, but unfortunately both teams lost their games.

The senior girls’ volleyball team held a tournament at MSS on Friday, February 25. Along with MSS, Espanola and Elliot Lake were in attendance. MSS won all its games. They played Elliot Lake in their last game of the day. They won the first set, lost the second, and had a major comeback to win the third set. Great job, girls! Keep up the awesome work!

Also on Friday, February 25, the snowmobile fun run occurred. There was a great turnout of snowmobilers and it was a wonderful day for all participants.

Course sign-off sheets for next year’s courses were due yesterday. Now that selections are in, guidance counsellors will contact you close to (but before) the end of the school year if you have any course conflicts in your schedule.

Today, March 2, and tomorrow, March 3, the MSS girls curling team is participating in the NOSSA (Northern Ontario Secondary School Association) curling tournament in Sudbury. The curling team has had its challenges finding team members, having games and practices cancelled due to weather, and COVID-19 restrictions, but are doing incredibly well. They played Espanola in a best 2 of 3 for NSSSA two weeks ago and lost two games, but because there are only two teams in the division, both are able to attend NOSSA.

Joke of the week:

Curler 1: What was I going to say?

Curler 2: I don’t know what you were going to say.

Curler 1: I can’t remember, I’m drawing a blank.

Upcoming events include NOSSA curling, more sports and March Break.

Until the next time, “Dream and Believe. Learn and Achieve!”