Municipal elections to be held in Cockburn Island and Killarney


COCKBURN ISLAND—There will be an election this fall in both Cockburn Island township and Killarney for both Mayor and council.

In Cockburn Island, incumbent Mayor Brenda Jones is seeking re-election while incumbent councillor Robert Brown is also in the running for the mayor’s position.

There are a total of seven people running for the four seats on council. They include Lee Chappell, Glen Cressman, Jeff House, Simon Lacombe, Evan Papineau, Richard Rintala and Scott Stewart.

For Killarney there will only be one election, for a councillor in Ward one.

Mayor Michael Reider has been acclaimed, as have ward two councillors: Nikola Grubic and Mary Bradbury. There will be an election for the two ward one council positions with Rob Campbell, Mike Green, Doug Elliott, Peggy Roque and Dave Froats all having put their name in the hat for the three council seats in this ward.

School board trustee English Public Dena Morrison has been acclaimed as has Julie Allen for French separate school board trustee.

There will be an election for the English separate school board trustee seat between Claire Morrison and Alex Cimino. An election will also take place for French Public school board trustee with Monique Berube and James Ebbers both having their names on the ballot this fall.