New resident expresses concern and confusion over Norilse issue

A plea to be filled in on the issue and to find a resolution outside of the courts

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is an open letter to the Township of Assiginack and the S.S. Norisle Steamship Society and has been reprinted here at the author’s request.

Dear all parties involved in the current dispute, 

I, and my little family, are new residents to Assiginack. I am very concerned with the articles I’ve been reading in The Expositor that give me some information about the current dispute over the ‘Norisle situation.’ 

All I know is I have no extra funds to spend, and wonder if: 

1. You would be willing to tell me your side of the story, so that I may be greater informed in the matter.

2. If I can act as a mediator (an invested party as a citizen of the township) that wants to see the conflict resolved peacefully and without spending other people’s money that they don’t have.

If this is about egos and unresolved grudges, I encourage you to bury the hatchet and work together with or without me so that we all don’t have to encumber additional fees. (It would be better if I don’t have to get involved as you are all responsible adults right?).

Please fill me in and let me know how we can get this resolved out of the courts as soon as possible. 

I encourage you to see beyond you, see beyond the results of years of court time, see what’s best for the greater good. I (we) am not concerned that your legal teams need more money (it seems they’ve worked up quite the bill already?). They will be fine without this. 

With peace and prosperity for all involved in mind, and the greatest respect for the greater good in town and beyond, 

Howie Mende