Tehkummah Talk & Times

You would have thought by now someone would have invented a pill bottle that didn’t chew your fingers to pieces so you are helped by pills and not die of infection from the container. There is something wrong with this picture. I always have blood running and besides it makes me say bad words! (Like “not again”!?)

Bid euchre Tuesday afternoon; I think the results are elsewhere in this column.

I popped up to watch Mum sleep a bit, then hurried home to hand out my Hallowe’en goodies. Some of the little ones were really impressed with macaroni and cheese, my dinner handouts, still in the package of course. It was something other than candy this year; only eleven little canvassers to my door. Things are a’changing. Sherry came in; they’d put Mum on I.V. for her nausea. She maybe has a detached retina? Sherry, that is. Wednesday morning tests, negative.

Bid euchre results, Thursday: tie for high, 195 points, Sheila and Hank; 3rd, Marg McCarthy; low, Joshua; door, Dave James. Next bid euchre November 9, 1:30 pm.

Cribbage, 6 3/4 tables: first, Betty Jean and Mary, 945; second, Ruth and Bill, 929; third, Gordon and Marion, 923; high hand, Laura, 24; low, Doris and Lyla, 829; door, Doris, Ruth, Dorothy A.

12:58, just crawled in after a phenomenal evening of music. Mostly featuring Harold McIntire, and the main band “Back in Time” with other guests. A group from North Bay, excellent fiddler, an 81-year-old, the energy of (turn that number around). The M.C. from Espanola I think, singer as well.

Some of us went by bus to the Dock for supper. We had to go in shifts, five busloads (I think) and Saturday a shopping trip for the mall has me here napping and writing. I looked out at the snow on the roofs this morning. Decided I’d stay put and save my legs. Not that that did a lot of good considering the cramp I just got!

Shift change: Shared the breakfast table with Denise and Robbie, Murray, Glen and Beth, Mollie and my roomie Doreen. A long line up, but breakfast was good. Coffee machine is acting up and some of us just got hot water the first time.

Blessed by the talent that we have on Manitoulin Island, a good lot of them entertain in the bus, pretty well starting at the Swing Bridge in Little Current and except for a short stop at Tim Horton’s, line-ups too! Another bus heading in the same direction (Blind River). Carol, Robbie, Eugene (and his many thanks,) Debbie, Doug, Glen? Musicians all, singers, accordion Roy, keyboard Maurice. One of the Island tables on Saturday supper at Marconis. Lyna Holmes, Robbie and Denise, Maurice and Carole Labelle, Raymond, Mary Ann Robertson, Fred and Sheila Armstrong. I didn’t miss any of the lovely wives!

There was much of importance on Saturday evening’s program. Nine inductees and our own Eugene Manitowabi, who told his guitar “Betsy, This ain’t no Tehkummah hall. We’re in the Sault, this is the big time tonight.” That man does have a way with words!! Did you know there were nine new NOCHMA rings presented, so nine new faces on the wall of fame. A beautiful sketch to add to those of the “Northern Opry” fame. Personally I think it’s the best yet! (We have four others on that wall.)

Glen and Beth presented, no better deserved, Chief Duke Peltier, which expresses his pride in presenting a certificate  and an ivory guitar pick, saying he shares his songs, picking music that spoke for him. Debbie Robinson presents a certificate of congratulations from MP Carol Hughes and Doug Hore presents from MPP Mike Mantha.

Many photos were taken of the honoree and his family, with the huge banner with many names of friends, family and co-musicians wishing him well. I would like to tell you all how great a weekend this is. I thank all my co-music fans, our great bus driver, Roy and Beth and Glen. It was wonderful. I’m not sure what time our bus got into Little Current; I know it was already dark, but with the time change and all and the dark rainy night. Anyway, I did stop to say hello to Cal on my way home. Tara was walking Gemma, so she said she would drive me up to the hospital. Things had changed immensely while I was gone. She had just been moved to the room.

God bless my sisters Susan and Pauline; they were spending the night. They have been constant, and Sherry had spent the day with Mum too. The lovely nurses are just trying to keep her comfortable now.