OPP reminds drivers to practice safe driving habits on Highway 6

HIGHWAY 6–The Ontario Provincial Police is reminding all drivers to practice safe driving habits as the winter weather approaches. Members of the Espanola OPP detachment have responded to many aggressive driving complaints along Highway 6 between Espanola and Little Current. Many of the complaints have been about tractor trailers travelling too fast or aggressively on the roadway.

Speeding and aggressive driving is very dangerous and places everyone who travels on the highways at risk. It creates undue stress on the drivers involved and dramatically increases the risk of a preventable collision. Those who drive aggressively may feel that they are “making time” by getting to their destination quicker, however studies have shown that the actual time saved is very minimal and does not warrant the risk that these drivers are taking.

Members of the Espanola and Manitoulin OPP detachments will be strictly enforcing the speed limits and rules of the road on all area highways to ensure that everyone drives responsibly and with courtesy to others using the roads.