‘Planet Wardo’ album to be released this Saturday

Kagawong musician Jamie Ward holds up a copy of his band’s new C.D. Planet Wardo.

KAGAWONG—Kagawong  musician Jamie Ward has recruited other musicians in his latest music project, for his new band Planet Wardo and the new band of the same name. The album has been produced by another member of the band which has led to a little different, edgier sound than his followers have been used to in the past and the results are terrific! 

“It’s a new project, separate from what I have been doing on my own,” Mr. Ward told the Recorder last week. “The last couple of CD releases I’ve worked solo and wrote and recorded my own music. But for this new album I’ve worked with Andre Plante, who plays on and has produced this album,” he explained. “I’ve played with him in the past with Kagawong Folk Roots, the Housewives of Kagawong and other entities. He is originally from Sudbury and lives there, and works for an animation firm there. He is a very skilled music producer.”

Mr. Ward said that he had wrote a whole new batch of songs, and that this newest album, Planet Wardo, is an eclectic album, influenced by different music genres. “I gave Andre, who is a very accomplished guitarist and musician, and runs a couple of famous studios in Hamilton, my songs that I also sang, and he went from there (producing the guitar and bass for the album).”

“For the album I also brought in Matt Foy, a drummer who is really well-known in Sudbury,” said Mr. Ward. Mr. Foy is a  past recipient of the Jackie Washington Award for the Arts. “He has been a house musician for the past 20 years at the Towne House Tavern in Sudbury, and has played and worked with a multitude of bands over the years. We recorded his drums and my vocals in the Main Street Café for the album.”

Another member of the Planet Wardo band, who did not perform on the album, but plays bass and sings, is Patrick Therrien of Manitowaning. He has performed in several Burns Wharf Theatre Musicals, said Mr. Ward. 

“You will hear a lot of influence in the (nine song album) songs relating to the Beatles, Wings, and The Cars,” said Mr. Ward. “But there is also a lot of influence from newer Indie rock bands, like Granddaddy and Dr. Dog. I listen to a lot of them. “

“This new album is a lot  more edgier than I’ve done in the past,” said Mr. Ward. “It is still basically a pop album, but there is a real edge to the songs.”

A CD release party (which is already sold out) for Planet Ward will be held this Saturday at the Main Street Café in Kagawong.