Purvis Fish and Chips now open for business in Gore Bay

Avery Sheppard has opened Purvis Fish and Chips in Gore Bay.

GORE BAY – It will no doubt be another attraction within the town of Gore Bay, with the opening of Purvis Fish and Chips, which opened last week. 

Avery Sheppard explained that the impetus for this new business came after Gord Smith, of Manitoulin Transport (which is leasing the pavilion), “had contacted my mother (Denise Sheppard) and asked if she would be willing to open a fish and chip restaurant in the building. She said no, she couldn’t do this because she is too busy helping run the (Purvis) Fishery.” 

“My mom was telling us this at the dinner table (of her conversation with Mr. Smith) and I said I’d love to run a fish and chips place. So she emailed Gord back and things went from there,” said Ms. Sheppard. “I’ve always loved cooking and being in the kitchen, and have been looking  for something like this for awhile.”

“We will be serving local fresh fish, whitefish and trout,  all Purvis fish, along with fresh fries,” continued Ms. Sheppard. “As well, we will have chicken on the menu for those people who don’t like fish or want something different.” There are also fresh hot dogs from Burt Family Farm and several different appetizers on the menu. 

The restaurant will not be licenced this summer, “but I’m hoping to be here again next year and I’m hoping to be able to serve beer and coolers,” said Ms. Sheppard.

Ms. Sheppard said that extensive renovations have been done to the restaurant location in the pavilion to get it ready to open her business. “We had the kitchen gutted, there is a new bar area, shelves, and we repainted the walls.” As well, “we will be putting up old pictures and artifacts of the fishery in Burnt Island.” 

“We are going to have outdoor seating on the deck for 12 people and there will be picnic tables at the front of the pavilion, not necessarily for the restaurant,” continued Ms. Sheppard. “And when restrictions are lifted by the province and we are allowed to have indoor dining we can sit quite a few people in the restaurant.”

For now everything will be by takeout, with the takeout containers being all biodegradable and environmentally friendly. 

“We will be running the restaurant like a fast-food restaurant,” said Ms. Sheppard. “Customers will come to the counter and order their food and go back to the table, and we will have people cleaning and sanitizing the tables after they have been used. And when indoor dining is allowed all orders will be on bar type dishes.”  

Purvis Fish and Chips will be open seven days a week from 11 am to 8 pm “We will close after Labour Day, as I am going to be going to school in Ottawa this fall,” added Ms. Sheppard.